What You Get.

Fundamental Terraform training.

Our Terraform experts will teach you the fundamentals.

  • Hands-on training in sandbox AWS environments
  • Master key Terraform concepts
  • Gain experience with automating real AWS resources
  • Learn how to create, modify, and decommission infrastructure using code

Advanced Terraform training.

Level up your Terraform knowledge with our next steps course.

  • Learn how to deal with existing resources
  • Understand how to refactor code into reusable modules
  • Use the AWS provider to deploy cross-account
  • Dive into a number of advanced Terraform features

How does it work?

Our team will work with you to understand your requirements and put together a training plan for your team.



We'll start with an introductory call to understand your training requirements and goals. We'll put together a training plan for your team, no matter the size, and schedule in the sessions.


Hands-on training.

Our Terraform experts will take you through pre-prepared courses in AWS sandbox environments that we maintain.



At the end of each training session you'll be able to ask our experts questions and understand how concepts apply to your own workload.