What You Get.

A data catalogue.

Our team will identify business critical data and analyse the business risks for each system.

  • A list of data assets that need protecting
  • A backup strategy for each asset
  • Establish recovery objectives
  • A risk profile for each asset

A hands-on assessment.

Our experts will get hands on and review your AWS workload.

  • Peace of mind that your critical data is protected
  • Ensure that your systems are backed up according to the data catalogue
  • Validate that your processes and documentation are effective

A disaster recovery readiness report.

Our comprehensive disaster recovery readiness report will include:

  • Executive summary
  • An overview of identified risk
  • Architectural recommendations
  • Specific technical recommendations for each data asset

How does it work?

Our risk based approach aligns your technical implementation with your business continuity requirements.



We'll run a short discovery session to establish business requirements and objectives. We'll start building your data catalogue.


Hands-on assessment.

We'll then get hands on and review your AWS workload to ensure that your backup implementation meets your business and compliance requirements.


Disaster recovery readiness.

Once the hands-on assessment is complete we'll produce a comprehensive report with a risk summary and specific technical recommendations for improvement.