What You Get.

A job description for AWS talent.

Our team will help you prepare a job description.

  • A review of your existing job description to ensure that you attract the best talent
  • Co-authored job description if one doesn't exist

A technical assessment.

We'll assess the skill level of candidates.

  • Based on our own hiring practices and adapted based on your budgetary and skill requirements
  • Hands-on technical assessment based on real world scenarios in sandbox environments
  • Feedback provided on your candidates' AWS capabilities

How does it work?

Our AWS experts will benchmark the skill level of your candidates.



We'll review your existing job description or help you create one.


Technical Assessments.

We'll conduct a technical assessment for each candidate that passes your CV screening process. Our assessment is based on our own hiring practices, grounded in real world scenarios using sandbox AWS environments, and is adapted based on the skill level that you're hiring for.


Capability Feedback.

Once the technical assessment is complete we'll provide you with feedback on how the candidate demonstrated their skills during the exercise and how they performed overall.