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The Best Job You’ll Ever Have

At The Scale Factory, we believe that work should adapt to our home lives, not the other way around. We provide a fully flexible working environment - where and when you work will be largely up to you.

We’ll provide you with the best equipment available, ongoing professional training, and plenty of chances to spend time with colleagues. You’ll have access to health insurance, mental health support, and more.

Does that sound too good to be true? Here’s what working with us looks like.

Consultancy means suits, right?

Forget what you think you know about consultancy. The dictionary definition puts it best: we “provide expert advice, within a particular field”. Our field is scaling B2B SaaS businesses on AWS.

We don’t wear suits, or work 14 hour days in the basements of charmless corporate offices with an army of recent graduates. We’re not going to call you in the middle of your Sunday lunch to let you know you’ll be leaving for a 6 month stint in Düsseldorf first thing in the morning.

We work in collaboration with our customers’ staff, at all levels of their organisation. We ask good questions and listen, so that we understand their business goals, and tailor our advice to match.

This isn’t the role for you if you’re not interested in investing in communication skills. If you want to hide away from other people, and focus on cutting Terraform code or tuning RDS parameters, then our consultancy positions won’t suit you (even though we still do plenty of work on the technical side). If you’re friendly, curious, and collaborative, you’ll do well here.

We’re good at what we do

This isn’t just one of our values, it also happens to be true - just ask one of our happy customers.

If you’ve met any of our team, seen us give talks, or read our blog posts, you might have felt intimidated by just how good we are at this AWS thing. It may therefore surprise you to learn that most of the team here have suffered from Imposter Syndrome at some point or another.

Part of our job as your new employer is to invest in your learning, and give you the opportunity to hone your craft. You won’t be an expert on day one, and that’s fine. We’re all still learning new things every day.

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