Pass The Keys

In 2018, Pass The Keys engaged us to run a Well-Architected review of their AWS platform, which at that point was a couple of years old.


Ian, the CTO, visited us at our office for a morning, where one of our certified AWS Solutions Architect Professionals ran through the Well-Architected review tool. We used that as a starting point for deeper discussion about architecture and operations practice, and for sharing our learnings and experience in the AWS platform.


Following the review, we provided a written report highlighting a number of areas for short, medium, and long term improvement, and walked our client through those findings.


We then set to work on a number of days of engineering activity to address the higher priority areas, focusing in particular on issues of security and access control. We improved security logging using CloudTrail and GuardDuty, and provided improved IAM configuration to control access to resources by the development team.

AWS provided funding in the form of service credits in order to help pay for this work.