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Today, the industry-leading A/B testing tool developed by SEO consultancy Distilled serves up a billion requests a month and processes payments totalling millions. When we first met with them in 2014, the tool was just a prototype. It needed a robust, reliable, PCI-compliant infrastructure to launch.

What Distilled said...

We were effectively operating as a startup company within Distilled and had to ensure we spent our budget in the most effective way. The Scale Factory were able to leverage their ReadyScale solution to build our infrastructure extremely quickly.

Hiring an operations specialist would have cost us more in salary and other costs than hiring The Scale Factory, and with The Scale Factory we got a whole team!

The Challenge

Distilled came to us with a prototype for the new tool they wanted to launch. DistilledODN (Optimization Delivery Network) was an A/B testing tool that would be deployed in front of client websites to implement and measure the effect of content changes. It needed to be PCI compliant, reliable, and have no noticeable impact of on the performance of the sites that would use it. Poor performance would impact their clients’ bottom lines. As they described it, this infrastructure needed to be “bulletproof”.

The budget for the project was tight and the DistilledODN team had no dedicated operations staff. They wanted a robust infrastructure designed and built rapidly and didn’t want to waste time trying to find and hire the perfect operations specialist.

Our Role

DistilledODN is a unique application, and the first step was to gain a thorough understanding of it. Using DevOps principles, we worked with the application’s developers as a single team, using Slack to complement our face-to-face meetings. We worked together to iterate on all aspects of the platform and the application, providing input on application design to ensure high availability and high performance.

Our ReadyScale platform design enabled us to rapidly build a suitable infrastructure that was PCI compliant and would have minimal impact on the performance of clients’ websites. Working together, we got the product to market: their developers working on features, while our team handled any scaling or operational pain. Within four months of starting the infrastructure build, DistilledODN launched.

The Results

Since deploying ReadyScale, Distilled have expressed that performance actually exceeded their expectations and that they have had no concerns around availability. They have a fast, reliable platform that can be scaled automatically and on demand. It’s given them the foundation to grow fast and work with major multinational companies. We continue to support the Distilled team, who still have no dedicated in-house operations resource.

You can read more details on the infrastructure design and security and resilience on the DistilledODN website.