AWS Foundational Technical Review


Akoova strengthened their partnership with AWS with a Foundational Technical Review from The Scale Factory. Working with us, a trusted AWS partner, saved them time, and got results more quickly than going it alone.

Expert Magento hosting for supreme brands

AWS Software Partner Akoova work with well-known brands such as END., Fred Perry, Big Bus Tours, and Selco providing them with a scalable and reliable managed ecommerce cloud solution, K-Hosting, built for Magento Open Source and Adobe Commerce.

Founders Osvaldo and Zac have a long and accomplished history in the SaaS commerce space, and as an organisation Akoova has deep expertise in both Magento and AWS.

The AWS Foundational Technical Review (FTR)

The AWS Foundational Technical Review (FTR) provides a standard for assessing an AWS partner solution. For a solution to pass this type of review it must follow the best practices documented in the AWS Well-Architected standard in order to reduce risks around security, reliability, and operational excellence.

Solutions that pass an FTR earn a “Qualified Software” badge, valid for two years, which can be used to demonstrate to customers that the platform has been built to a high standard, and is operated well.

Qualified solutions are listed in the AWS Partner Solution Finder, and partners with qualified offerings gain access to the AWS ISV Accelerate program which provides co-sell support and other benefits.

AWS Services partners like The Scale Factory can provide support for the Foundational Technical Review process and add value, even to customers who are themselves very experienced AWS operators.

The Challenge: Pass the FTR

Akoova sought to strengthen their partnership with AWS, recognising the mutual benefits of co-selling programs, and the value in Akoova’s service to top-tier brands. Achieving validation as an AWS partner was a strategic step in enhancing this flourishing relationship.

Software partners can conduct an FTR themselves, following a self-service process, but Akoova chose to engage with us for the FTR process. Valuing competency, exceptional service, and efficient use of time, they sought to receive the highest level of service, mirroring what they provide to their clients. This strategic decision ensured their team could continue excelling in areas most crucial to their clients, while we efficiently handled the specialised requirements of the AWS partnership.

We guided Akoova through the whole FTR process, allowing them to keep their own team engaged in delivering the impeccable service their customers enjoy.

We gathered all the evidence required from Akoova’s systems, and filled out the review paperwork. We found that they were in excellent shape overall, and provided a roadmap for the few minor improvements that we recommended, then submitted documentation to an AWS Partner Solutions Architect who signed off on the review.

As FTR aligns with AWS Well-Architected, we were able to use our status as an AWS Well-Architected Partner to cover some of the costs of our work together.

What Akoova said...

The Scale Factory team were knowledgeable, and helped us make informed decisions

They weren’t only concerned about technical details, they also asked how we preferred to work together. The team were easy to work with, and responsive to queries.

The Results

Akoova passed their FTR on the first attempt, spending less time on it than they would have if they’d stuck with the self-service model, and achieved their desired outcome earlier.

Working with us as a third party, trusted both by the customer and by AWS, meant less time going back and forth with busy AWS Solutions Architects.

Akoova can now proudly display their “Qualified Software” badge, demonstrating their expertise in running robust and secure Magento deployments on AWS. This achievement is pivotal in unlocking a strategic partnership with AWS. It aligns with Akoova’s customer-centric approach and their shared commitment with AWS to deliver exceptional service.

Whilst the K-Hosting product isn’t currently listed on the AWS Marketplace, that may become a priority in future, and their new status will help them differentiate their offering there when they do.

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