Tim Bannister

Tim Bannister

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional AWS Certified Database Speciality AWS Certified Network Speciality AWS Certified Security Speciality Certified Kubernetes Administrator Certified Kubernetes Application Developer Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist HashiCorp Certified Terraform Associate PCI Professional (ISC)² Systems Security Certified Practitioner

About Tim

Tim was working in customer support for a cloud service provider before “the cloud” as a concept even existed. Today, he helps Scale Factory customers understand and improve their platforms.

Tim is comfortable getting to grips with customer architectures based on open source technologies and the wider ecosystem that uses them. He’s won awards for contributions to CNCF projects that include Kubernetes, where he’s a technical lead for the documentation Special Interest Group.

Before joining the team, Tim worked at Capita, where he was involved in digital infrastructure projects for clients ranging from FTSE 100 companies and banks to public sector organisations. At The Scale Factory, Tim has built on that experience of regulated secure environments, and often works on projects in this area.

Tim's Blog Posts

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Got secure data to send? Use Tim's PGP public key.

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