Meet The Team

Jon Topper

Principal Consultant

Jon started his professional career with Designer Servers (DSVR), one of the first companies in the UK to offer virtual server hosting, working variously as a developer, support manager and, later, lead systems administrator. At the end of his tenure there, he joined mobile startup Trutap as developer and systems administrator, building around practises that would later be referred to as "DevOps" by the industry. After Trutap, he started The Scale Factory, along with Mike Griffiths, in order to do more of the same.

With The Scale Factory, Jon has worked with well-known organisations such as Songkick, BSkyB, Global Radio and ITV, as well as a number of smaller organisations, building both infrastructure and teams.

Outside of office hours, Jon enjoys photography and complicated cookery.

Mike Griffiths

Principal Consultant

Mike's early career was spent building web applications, notably with Moneyworld UK. From there he moved to Yahoo!, joining their CMS technology team. Mike had high-level responsiblity for content management in 19 markets across the world, and notably led the team responsible for delivering content management for the FIFA World Cup 2006 website. After leaving Yahoo!, Mike worked as a MySQL consultant with Proven Scaling before joining the Hearst Corporation's UK digital team as Senior Service Architect, responsible for improving their infrastructure platforms as well as reducing operating cost. Mike joined The Scale Factory on a full-time basis in 2012.

Mike follows cricket, rugby and football (as a life member of Macclesfield Town FC), and enjoys real ale and the model railway he's building in the back garden "for his kids".

Andrew Stangl

Associate Consultant

Andrew's career began in the ISP industry in South Africa, where he worked to provide technical support to customers of ISPWeb and Compatible Information Systems. In 2008, he moved to the UK to work with Alentus UK on LAMP hosting platforms, and later moved to Global Radio to work on the systems there. Andrew joined The Scale Factory in January of 2012 and has since worked with our Forex trading and Pharmaceutical customers, as well as developing on our internal systems. As of September 2014, Andrew works from Johannesburg, South Africa.

Outside of work, Andrew takes a sceptical interest in astrology and tarot and how they relate to psychology.

Andrew Wasilczuk


In the early days Andrew worked as a systems administrator at Darq providing open source consultancy and support services to several clients including Amnesty International. From there he moved on to NetDev, where he rolled out and looked after a carrier grade VOIP product for British Telecoms. Andrew joined The Scale Factory full-time in March 2014.

Outside of work Andrew likes to travel and can often be found playing with spanners under his campervan.

Mike Mead


Mike's career started with Amherst Consultants, providing consultancy and IT support to a wide variety of companies including FSA (formerly) regulated hedge funds and mining exploration operations. From there he joined Scope, a national charity, as a systems administrator where he developed and supported a number of application stacks. Mike joined The Scale Factory in July 2014.

In his free time Mike enjoys discovering new music, photography, and a slightly unhealthy obsession with collecting Star Wars Lego.

David O'Rourke


David started his career with Business Serve before moving on to Salford City Academy and the National Computing Centre. He then joined IPEC working on a huge variety of projects, from Linux-based software products, centralised collection and processing of data from systems deployed throughout the world, to embedded software development. David joined The Scale Factory in March 2015 and is based in Manchester.

When he's away from his desk, David enjoys video games, reading, and has a penchant for terrible movies.

Naadir Jeewa


Naadir joined us from uSwitch where he was working with internal IT systems as well as building new microservice platforms on AWS. Before that he held a senior infrastructure role at University College London, introducing Puppet and other good DevOps practices.

As well as his MSci in Computer Science, Naadir holds a degree in Politics and Society, occasionally microblogging on the subject.

Dawn Foster


Dawn has spent over 20 years working in technology with expertise in open source software, community building, management, and more. Most recently, Dawn was the Director of Community at Puppet Labs after a couple of years of leading the Community Office within Intel’s Open Source Technology Center. Dawn has worked in positions ranging from Unix system administrator to market researcher to community manager to open source strategist. Dawn joined the Scale Factory in London as part-time consultant in November 2015.

When not at work, Dawn studies for her PhD, goes running, reads science fiction, and enjoys her questionable taste in music.

Jack Thomas


Since being awarded his Software Engineering degree in 2003, Jack has worked with large companies and major universities around the world delivering high profile, high volume traffic, notably Channel 4 television, and the University of Oxford. He has worked within a variety of Projects and Programmes that implement the PRINCE2 methodology and ITIL framework, providing a solid understanding of project management and delivery within a more traditional setting, working on projects using waterfall and agile methodologies within these frameworks, as well as more DevOps approaches.

In his spare time Jack can be found reading, taking photos and playing board games.

Jemma Bolland

General Manager

After making the leap from broadcast operations, Jemma spent the past 15 years working with startups and SMEs in the UK and Australia. Bringing experience in industries from technology to fashion in operational, strategic and marketing roles, Jemma joined Scale Factory in January 2016.

Jemma is often found in a dance studio or trying to discover interesting places before the hipsters get there.