Open Source Projects


A Vagrant plugin to allow Vagrant to run cucumber features, providing glue for working with vagrant boxes within cucumber steps.

It was originally developed to help us test configuration management scripts, and with the following workflow in mind:

  • Start one or more Vagrant boxes
  • Configure these boxes with some default state
  • Snapshot each box in this default state.
  • In each cucumber scenario:
    • Run config management tools inside the box to make configuration changes
    • Test that these changes produce the desired result
    • Roll the VM state back, ready for the next scenario


ZCollective is a tool used to configure Zabbix using data discovered using MCollective.

At The Scale Factory, we've used Zabbix for monitoring for some time. Our main complaint with this software has been that configuration has always been a bit too GUI-focussed. This has been addressed in recent releases with an improvement in the functionality exposed via the API.

We've written ZCollective to remove some of the GUI legwork required in configuring monitoring for individual hosts - we think it's a cleaner alternative to Zabbix host discovery.