Our Platform Design


ReadyScale is our time-tested architecture for a stable, scalable cloud infrastructure. Since 2009, it’s proven itself as a platform for continuous delivery and rapid growth for businesses of all sizes and sectors. ReadyScale uses open source tools that are configured according to DevOps best practice.


ReadyScale is secure by design. Non-user-facing services are hidden on a private network, which admin users can only access by VPN.

  • Secure AWS/VPC design
  • Central user management (optional two-factor authentication)
  • Encryption of data volumes at rest and of management service traffic in transit


We deploy, manage and maintain ReadyScale using modern automation tooling. This ensures repeatable results and fewer defects. 

  • Automated server provisioning
  • Automated configuration management
  • Version control of all automation scripts 
  • Automated backups


ReadyScale’s centralised monitoring and reporting enables  your in-house operations team to track and optimise performance.

  • Alerts for servers and services
  • Log aggregation and reporting
  • Time-series app metrics
  • Time-series resource usage metrics
  • Audit trail


ReadyScale’s automated tooling and opinionated architecture support zero-downtime software deployment.

  • Integrated quality and security testing that support continuous integration
  • One or more distinct test environment
  • Automated configuration of per-developer environments


We design each instance of ReadyScale so that all customer-facing components are highly available. Availability zones are chosen to best serve customers and meet data sovereignty requirements.


ReadyScale is opinionated but gives your team more control over resources than a traditional PaaS, without risking security or stability.


The platform can adapt to meet any compliance demands or security posture. It’s being used successfully in highly regulated industries, including finance and pharmaceuticals.



ReadyScale is scalable by design. The management tools we use scale up to thousands of servers with little trouble, and little input from your in-house operations team.

What our client says

Murray Rowan

ReadyScale gives us confidence to push forward with scaling up the ecommerce side of the business and adding new community features. That confidence is important to us - we are a fast-moving company and it’s great not having any headaches around infrastructure.

Murray Rowan


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