ReadyScale is the foundation of your new hosting infrastructure. Under active development since 2009, the ReadyScale platform design is mature, battle-tested, and trusted by Scale Factory customers across a range of market sectors.

We’ve built ReadyScale on the bedrock of good DevOps practice, taking open source tools and approaches used by the larger DevOps community, and building them into a solid product.

We deploy, manage and maintain ReadyScale using modern automation tooling. This use of automation leads to more repeatable, consistent results, with fewer defects. All customer-facing components are built for highly available operation, and from day one, everything is monitored and backed up for your peace of mind.

ReadyScale is scalable by design. The management tools we employ scale up to thousands of servers with little trouble, meaning that as your traffic grows, so will your platform.

ReadyScale is also secure by design. Services that aren’t user-facing are kept hidden away on a private network, and administrative users can only get on to the system to make changes by VPN. In environments where higher security is required, we can add a second authentication factor and finer-grained access control.

ReadyScale provides:

  • Automated server provisioning
  • Automated configuration management
  • Version control of all automation scripts for change management
  • Continuous Delivery model for configuration and software artefacts
  • Zero-downtime software deployment strategies
  • Central user identity and password management (with optional second factor)
  • Centralised log aggregation and reporting
  • Server and service availability monitoring
  • Time-series resource usage and application metric collection
  • Automated backups
  • Secure network design, with administrative access via authenticated VPN
  • Separate staging environment(s), matching production configuration
  • Per-developer Vagrant environments, matching production software versions

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