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15 April 2019

We're a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider

Kubernetes Certified Service Provider


Towards the end of last year, we offered a challenge to the team: let's get listed as a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider by the end of April. This program has a number of requirements that we were well on the way to meeting with our colleagues Dom and David contributing to the AWS implementation of Cluster API.

It's also a requirement to have at least three people hold the Certified Kubernetes Administrator qualification, and many of the team have been using their personal development days to study up and prepare for that exam. We have CKA passes from Tim, Mike, and Jack - and we're expecting more in the coming weeks.

We're proud to be able to announce today that we're now an official Kubernetes Certified Service Provider, as well as members of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, and we look forward to helping you with running Kubernetes on AWS, regardless of where you are on that path today.