Prometheus is a popular open-source monitoring system and time series database written in Go, featuring a multi-dimensional data model and a flexible query language. It provides client libraries for instrumenting application code, exporters for monitoring other services, and an alert manager for raising alerts. Data from Prometheus can be visualised and explored using Grafana.

Delivered on our behalf by Prometheus project co-founder Julius Volz, this two day hands-on workshop held in London teaches Prometheus fundamentals for sysadmins, developers and DevOps engineers alike.

Day 1

  • Installing Prometheus
  • Configuring and operating
  • Exploring the Prometheus UI
  • Basic Querying
  • Dashboarding with Grafana
  • Collecting host metrics with Node Exporter
  • Collecting container metrics
  • Instrumenting your code
  • Advanced querying
  • Service Discovery
  • Relabeling
  • Blackbox Monitoring
  • Pushing Data
  • Writing Exporters

Day 2

  • Alerting Best Practices
  • Prometheus Alerting Introduction
  • Exploring Alertmanager features
  • Highly Available Alertmanager
  • Transitioning from / Integrating with other monitoring systems
  • Prometheus High Availability Strategies
  • Prometheus Scaling Strategies
  • Hierarchical Federation
  • Prometheus on Kubernetes
  • Local Storage
  • Remote Storage Integrations
  • Recording Rules
  • Meta-Monitoring, Debugging, and Profiling

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