Docker Fundamentals

This Docker Fundamentals course is run for us by London DevOps veteran Matt Saunders and is suitable for both developers and systems engineers. You’ll need to be familiar with the Linux command line but you don’t need any pre-existing Docker experience.

Day One: Containerisation Basics

Day one looks at the complexities of delivering functional software, with a focus on moving software through different environments (eg. from a developer’s workstation, through a QA environment, staging, and finally into production). You will be shown how it is easy to do this by packaging applications with Docker. We go through why Docker exists and why it is popular, before moving on to workshops that explore running Docker containers and making Docker images.

  • Introducing Docker
  • Containerization Fundamentals
  • Creating Images
  • Docker Volumes
  • Docker Networking Basics

Day Two: Orchestration Basics

On day two we deal with how to make Docker containers effectively and efficiently, both on a single machine and also in a cluster, using Docker Swarm and Kubernetes. We’ll go into detail on the relative merits of both Docker and Kubernetes, and give you a foundational knowledge of how to ship reliable distributed applications.

  • Introduction to Docker Compose
  • Introduction to Docker Swarm
  • Introduction to Kubernetes
  • Docker Secrets

How To Book

To book this course for yourself or for your team, please get in touch.