Wedo are an ecommerce organisation, delivering a portfolio of specialist online stores built on the Magento platform. We built a new, scalable and highly available hosting solution for them on top of Amazon's AWS, using tools such as Packer, Puppet and MCollective for automated template building, provisioning and deployment.

We were working towards getting off our existing, problematic hosting supplier; and on making sure that we can treat infrastructure as a resource, rather than a limitation, which is able to scale with our needs and requirements. When we met The Scale Factory there was a certain spark there, right from the beginning. I got the feeling that they understood our needs as we worked together on a plan. We ended up with a straight-forward and overall robust solution: having something that is able to scale fast AND reproducible is key for our continued growth. Overall reduction of TCO for our infrastructure came as added bonus as well.

Gareth Knight
Founder, Managing Director