Songkick aim to create the definitive live music resource - an IMDb of past concerts, along with information about up-coming gigs and a social features to connect with other live music fans.

When we first spoke to Songkick they were running the first version of their website from a couple of dedicated servers, with limited scalability and no provision for high availability. Over the next six months, we worked together to build a scalable, highly-available systems architecture using freely available tools and software, deploying it onto colocated Sun and Cisco hardware.

From the go-live date onwards, the DevOps techniques we put in place meant that Songkick's development team were able to operate the platform themselves for 18 months, over several periods of growth, before needing to hire a full-time sysadmin.

I have no reservations in recommending [The Scale Factory] as first rate systems architects and administrators. Working from the start of 2009, Jon designed and implemented a complete overhaul of our production and development infrastructure, using virtualisation, centralised configuration management and automated deployment to provide a highly robust and scalable system.

Jon is a pleasure to work with, and has no problem communicating complex ideas to both technical and non-technical members of the team

Phil Cowans