Secret Sales

Secret Sales offers customers luxury products at up to 70% off in short-term sales that start daily. They got in touch for some help with load testing and performance tuning in preparation for a new television advertising campaign.

With our load testing partner, SOASTA, we built load tests to model the typical activity of users who sign up following a media advert, and ran them at concurrency numbers suggested by media industry metrics. On examining the data, as well as recommending some MySQL optimisations, we quickly exposed the need for some form of content delivery network to offload image asset delivery.

We ran a procurement exercise with a number of CDN providers in order to select the best option for the client, and assisted with migrating the site to use the chosen supplier.

The Scale Factory jumped in with no notice and got our scalability testing underway just in time for the Christmas rush. They were flexible and creative in helping us find solutions for a wide variety of technical challenges.

We would definitely recommend them to anyone in need of highly skilled, friendly assistance with scalability testing.

Douglas Squirrel