MahiFX run a Forex trading platform. The Scale Factory provided DevOps support to their existing technical team during the countdown to their public launch date. They already made heavy use of Puppet in their platform; as well as giving operational support, we also tuned the performance of their configuration management infrastructure. We improved packaging and deployment of their Nagios, NSCA and Graphite deployment, integrating that with PuppetDB for tighter integration with configuration management.

The website at the front of MahiFX's operation is built on Python's Django framework. We built deployment tooling to deliver this onto their servers using Fabric, providing automation capable of deploying a new version of the site without interruption to service.

The Scale Factory fitted the bill perfectly - in the busy/stressful period around our retail platform's launch they were able to quickly integrate into our existing DevOps team and pick up a lot of our infrastructural tasks, allowing us to ensure that we had a rock-solid infrastructure in place from day one.

James Furness