Lyagushka build Ruby on Rails applications used internally by their financial services customers. We helped them migrate their application environment to a new hosting platform.

The original environment contained a number of unique and manually-configured servers. As part of the migration activity, we built configuration automation in Puppet, and used these Puppet manifests to provision the live and testing servers, as well as to provide Vagrant environments to the development team.

During the migration, we liaised with external suppliers to ensure the timely and to-spec delivery of the new platform.

Working with Scalefactory has been an absolute pleasure. They were very proficient and professional right from initial consultation through to implementation.

We are a small team with a high workload and a fast turnaround of features. We needed to migrate an existing client site to a new hosting provider. Scalefactory were able to automate the infrastructure deployment to the new provider causing zero unplanned downtime and disruption to our daily development and our support obligations, and - most importantly - zero unplanned disruption to our users.

By having a highly skilled consultant come in and work directly with the team we were able to get a production-ready, automated infrastructure in place in approximately 2 weeks. It has made a big difference to our teams' confidence in deploying. We can now deploy regularly to an infrastructure that is more secure and stable than that our last host. We are now also able to deploy our applications to Vagrant VMs running locally on our development machines, giving us a safe sandbox in which to experiment.

Tom Brand