Glasses Direct

Glasses Direct are an ecommerce operation selling prescription eyewear. The Scale Factory was heavily involved in a platform migration. Their application was primarily based on PHP and hosted on Solaris/SPARC. We built Puppet scripts to deploy their new Debian Linux infrastructure to support a new Python application, and got involved in commissioning that new platform.

The Scale Factory collaborated extremely effectively with us, allowing us to augment our team without having the overhead of feeling as though we were managing a third party. They listened to my needs and provided competent, polite and reliable technologists to work with us. Working with what we had already built, The Scale Factory helped us get to a better solution without losing time in re-inventing what already existed.

With The Scale Factory's assistance, we focussed more of our team on business-critical functionality and delivered a great product. I have subsequently recommended The Scale Factory to others and would hire them again without doubt.

Matthew Pontefract