The Scale Factory collaborated extremely effectively with us, allowing us to augment our team without having the overhead of feeling as though we were managing a third party. They listened to my needs and provided competent, polite and reliable technologists to work with us. Working with what we had already built, The Scale Factory helped us get to a better solution without losing time in re-inventing what already existed.

With The Scale Factory's assistance, we focussed more of our team on business-critical functionality and delivered a great product. I have subsequently recommended The Scale Factory to others and would hire them again without doubt.

Having had one failed attempt with another company to migrate our systems to an external infrastructure there was some trepidation about approaching another. We need not have worried, from the get-go The Scale Factory were professional and reassuring, most importantly they delivered exactly what they said they would in the timeframe and budget specified.

Since the new infrastructure has been in place our developers have been freed up to code and not worry about devops issues. Deployments are faster, more efficient and our applications run consistently better than before.

I would not hesitate in recommending The Scale Factory and will be using their services again in the future.

Working with Scalefactory has been an absolute pleasure. They were very proficient and professional right from initial consultation through to implementation.

We are a small team with a high workload and a fast turnaround of features. We needed to migrate an existing client site to a new hosting provider. Scalefactory were able to automate the infrastructure deployment to the new provider causing zero unplanned downtime and disruption to our daily development and our support obligations, and - most importantly - zero unplanned disruption to our users.

By having a highly skilled consultant come in and work directly with the team we were able to get a production-ready, automated infrastructure in place in approximately 2 weeks. It has made a big difference to our teams' confidence in deploying. We can now deploy regularly to an infrastructure that is more secure and stable than that our last host. We are now also able to deploy our applications to Vagrant VMs running locally on our development machines, giving us a safe sandbox in which to experiment.

The Scale Factory were recommended to me by my tech advisor.

It was clear that they had thorough knowledge about server infrastructure and took time to understand the business and financial objectives of the company. They have been very supportive in coming up with solutions which match our business needs but are also scalable - we sometimes get press and television exposure so the ability to withstand traffic spikes is important.

Our experience with The Scale Factory has been very positive. We consider them to be an extension of our development team. They are always on hand to assist whenever we need them and have been a great support to us.

The Scale Factory fitted the bill perfectly - in the busy/stressful period around our retail platform's launch they were able to quickly integrate into our existing DevOps team and pick up a lot of our infrastructural tasks, allowing us to ensure that we had a rock-solid infrastructure in place from day one.

The team of The Scale Factory has helped us for a number of years. They have always been knowledgeable and helpful and a pleasure to deal with.

They are able to communicate technical concepts in language that we non-techies understand. They are quick to react to our questions and emergencies and they liaise well with our other technical consultants.

I recommend using the services of The Scale Factory without any hesitation.

The Scale Factory jumped in with no notice and got our scalability testing underway just in time for the Christmas rush. They were flexible and creative in helping us find solutions for a wide variety of technical challenges.

We would definitely recommend them to anyone in need of highly skilled, friendly assistance with scalability testing.

I have no reservations in recommending [The Scale Factory] as first rate systems architects and administrators. Working from the start of 2009, Jon designed and implemented a complete overhaul of our production and development infrastructure, using virtualisation, centralised configuration management and automated deployment to provide a highly robust and scalable system.

Jon is a pleasure to work with, and has no problem communicating complex ideas to both technical and non-technical members of the team

Thermeon are pleased to recommend The Scale Factory. The team there took time to comprehensively interrogate our business needs and existing infrastructure, understand our processes, and worked to recommend viable improvements to benefit both us and our customers. They'll definitely be our first phone call whenever we need external services to support our systems.

The team at The Scale Factory worked with Hearst Magazines UK on several migration projects and consistently delivered prompt, high-quality services and advice that enabled us to successfully complete our work on deadline.

The Scale Factory has always been a top quality service provider to Hearst Magazines UK throughout our relationship and I can recommend the team at The Scale Factory without reservations.

We were working towards getting off our existing, problematic hosting supplier; and on making sure that we can treat infrastructure as a resource, rather than a limitation, which is able to scale with our needs and requirements. When we met The Scale Factory there was a certain spark there, right from the beginning. I got the feeling that they understood our needs as we worked together on a plan. We ended up with a straight-forward and overall robust solution: having something that is able to scale fast AND reproducible is key for our continued growth. Overall reduction of TCO for our infrastructure came as added bonus as well.