Leading fashion manufacturing directory Utelier got in touch in the summer of 2018 for some help making sense of an AWS account set up for them by a third party software development agency. Running an AWS Well-Architected review was an ideal starting point, helping us frame the discussion around operations, security, reliability, performance, and cost.


We visited Utelier's West London offices to meet with Nicholas Wieland, Utelier's tech lead. We used the Well-Architected review framework in order to explore their existing solution, and discuss potential improvements to their platform.


Taking what we learned from the review, we provided a detailed report of the various issues we found. The report laid out a number of potential areas for improvement, as well as providing links to relevant resources on good AWS and operations practice.


We then set to work on a number of days of engineering activity, getting their existing application containers delivered into the AWS Elastic Container Registry (ECR) and creating an Elastic Beanstalk stack using CloudFormation. We provided them with an easy way to deploy and update their application in different environments.

Since Utelier's engineers were new to AWS, we provided some coaching and training on effective IAM user and role management, on using ECR, and on deploying with Elastic Beanstalk.

AWS provided funding in the form of service credits in order to help pay for this work

What Utelier said...

The Scale Factory reviewed our current deployment and helped us make sense of the AWS infrastructure used deploy our main product in the best possible way. Being a developer myself I couldn’t ask for a better partner to point me in the right direction, and to guide me with their experience. I’m very sure I’d still be reading documentation trying to make sense of the whole picture without them.