How we work

Our ethos

Independence is something we value. Consequently, we design and build infrastructures that give you greater independence and a high level of control over day-to-day operations. 

We take the view that performance, availability and security of our infrastructures is a shared responsibility between you, us and the cloud service provider. Day to day you’re responsible for running the system; we’re responsible for designing and building the infrastructure (and for maintaining it if you want us to); and the cloud service provider is responsible for its servers being secure and operational. 

We still work with the majority of our clients, and of course we hope that every client we work with makes the independent choice to work with us as a long-term partner.

Our design ethos

We take care of undifferentiated tasks

A good infrastructure should take care of everything that doesn’t differentiate a client from their competitors. It should do all the heavy lifting, minimising the resource you need to put into operations. 

Use proven technologies

Choosing mature technologies that are known to be good within the DevOps community minimises risks in the production pipeline. They’re stable, they’ve been tested, and if we need to we can tap into the community’s collective knowledge to debug them.

Be cautious about novelty

Even if a new technology seems to have great potential, and has everyone in the DevOps community talking, we won’t use it in any client infrastructure until we’re satisfied that it’s stable and here to stay.

Be consistent

Being consistent in tooling and design patterns across builds makes our infrastructures more affordable to design, build and maintain. Consistency within a client’s system makes it simpler to operate, and to hand over if necessary. 

Build for operations

Our focus is never on the build alone, but on how the built infrastructure will be operated. For every design and technology decision we make, we consider the long-term implications for operations and if our choice will make the system more reliable and easier to operate?   

Question the norm

As skeptical pragmatists, we like asking questions. We don’t accept standard practice as the the automatic best choice, and always evaluate technologies and approaches to find the most practical option for a client. One that matches budgets and business priorities.

(Of people, we’re far more accepting. We know that skill, experience and ambition come in all forms. Find out more on our careers page.)