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The Scale Factory is a growing London-based business. We design, build, operate, support and scale Linux infrastructure for clients of various sizes, across a number of business sectors, including media, e-commerce, finance and pharmaceuticals.

We’re looking to expand our team, and have these opportunities currently available:

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As a distributed team, we keep in touch via Slack and Hangouts, and try and get together socially throughout the year.

We believe strongly in inclusivity, and we welcome applications from anyone regardless of age, gender, sexuality, race or physical ability. Regrettably, we can currently only accept applications from people who are already eligible to work in the UK, as we're not in a position to offer assistance with visa applications.

If you’re interested in working with us, please introduce yourself by email to - if you don’t have a CV immediately to hand, that’s fine, but we’ll need to see one eventually. Initially we'll chat by Skype or Hangouts, and if we get on, we may give you a technical skills assessment which reflects the type of work we do. After that, there'll be an opportunity to chat with other members of the team (on Skype again, or on IRC or similar) before we make an offer.

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